Network of Pacifists are recruiting

The Short Version

Our corporation is:

  • Non-PVP (We don’t engage in player vs player battles… we stick to NPCs and Pirates)
  • Focused on the mining/harvesting of rocks, ice, gases and moons
  • Naturally curious; we scan cosmic signatures to reveal ores and sites (data/relic/combat)
  • Wormhole active; we do like to poke around wormholes in search of mining opportunities
  • Casual, relaxed and close-knit
  • Has a ‘1 Alt’ policy (You can have a maximum of two of your characters in the corporation)

The Longer Version

Here at the Network of Pacifists we take great pride in ensuring a close-knit vibe. We want members to know what other members are up to, what they’re doing and if they’re okay. We achieve this by being active in the corporation chat. Not only are we checking on members, but members are checking in on you too.

CEO: “Morning all, how are we?”
Member 1: “Good thanks boss, just mining in Sobaseki with a few pirates about”
CEO: “Sobaseki is only 10 jumps away for me. Would you like me (or one of our members) to assist you with pirates?”
Member 1: “Nah it’s okay, thanks though, for now I’m good”
CEO: “Okay, I will check in with you in 60mins.”
Member 1: “Thank you boss; appreciate it!”

A chatty corporation where everyone feels (and is) heard, welcomed and included as part of the corporation… is a happy one!

We do welcome newcomers and alphas to join the corporation as long as their intent is for the long haul. Many of us here have roots in ice and gas harvesting and won’t often have specific mining expeditions in place for the likes of Veldspar, Kernite, Jaspet etc… We will offer guidance for newcomers looking to level up their mining skills and offer advice on the variety of ships and fittings to carry out various tasks they are taking part in.

As the name suggests - we are Non-PVP!

Our primary focuses are split in to three ‘main’ sections:

1 - Mining
2 - Logistics
3 - Exploration

Mining - This focuses on the mining and harvesting of rocks, ice, gas and moons and will either be carried out as a cluster of solo mining days or as a fleet-based expedition.

Logistics - We have a side-mission of being the ‘go to’ for cargo/freight needs by taking on a number of courier contracts.

Exploration - A lot of people like discovering something new and what better way to achieve this than by joining us by utilising those probes and scanning down the cosmic signatures in search of wormholes, ore sites, data/relic sites and/or combat sites. Also, under the banner of ‘Exploration’ is our ratting team (for those who like to blow stuff up this would be your division as you’d be the ones taking on NPC ships to ensure our miners and couriers are safe)

We’d love for you to be a part of this recently founded corporation and be involved in the direction and shaping of the corp from the ground up. If this sounds like the kind of corporation you’d like to be a part of… you know what to do.

For more information please send a mail in-game.

Thanks for reading,

CEO, Network of Pacifists

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