New Beginnings Mining Inc is recruiting! Growing Corp - 0% Tax!

We are growing, friendly corp of experienced and newer players based in high sec seeking new members (veterans and new players).

We offer:

  • 0% tax
  • High, Low, and WH mining expeditions with support.
  • Missions, DED and ratting
  • PVE, light PVP, Exploration
  • WH hacking and looting
  • Missions with and w/o voice comms (Discord)
  • Industry
  • Lots of help and discussion for new players.
  • Very strong TEAM spirit!
  • No politics or ego, just a lot of fun and comradery.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread.

In game, contact Trint Roving or JayEm HighCastle for information.

Or, apply directly to New Beginnings Mining Inc in game.

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