New Capsuleer looking for a home and a PvP career

Greetings recruiters.

Behind Towzer Jock’s devastatingly handsome portrait, there’s an older gamer (and a recent retiree) who finally has more time to dedicate to Eve and all it’s promised adventure.

Towzer Jock is looking primarily for a UK/EU corp who’re prepared to take a bumbling old/young newbro under their wing and teach him the basics of combat, especially PvP.

He’s particularly looking for a corp that contains mature players (in age or attitude), who’ve a sense of humour and very much understand that RL always comes first; the old dude behind the keyboard actually does other stuff too!

In return, Towzer Jock will listen and take advice, research and try to find answers for himself (he’s already read 'the YouTube :upside_down_face: ), and be as self-reliant as possible. Most aspects of PvP ‘careers’ will be considered, although ganking miners in Hi-Sec does not appeal.

That’s it.

Hi Towzer,

I think you’ll find that we would be a good fit for you. We’ve got a good mix of vet and new pilots with a very friendly, helpful atmosphere. Stop into our Discord and check us out.


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Also a golden oldie who has been playing Eve for 18 years and would love to pass on my experience to you. Join our discord for a chat!

Eve Forum Post:

CEO & Recruitment - Nakito Kobara (Discord: Nakito Kobara#6850)

Discord: Join our discord!

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TEMPLAR may have what you need
Old guys check
UK guys check
Sense of humour check
WIfe aggro check
PvP check
Ganking miners in hi sec er No

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Towzer Jock – I’m retired, and I think golf is a stupid game, cleaning the garage a ridiculous waste of time, and traveling – well maybe, but first just a few more kills on my killboard and another billion or 2 ISK in my pocket.

My corp checks all of the boxes – we play the game, we don’t let the game play us. And we are happy to help others do the same.

Just, be sure you remember to say “Roger that” instead of “OK” and you’ll be good.

ELTC Public channel or contact Arrowspeeed Bounty

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dorfsorc from IRC (intrepid crossing) has sent you an in game mail. IRC is one of the oldest alliances in the game. you will find a good group to hang with including a few other retirees. hope to hear from you

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NVCBL is a pvp focused corporation apart of Fraternity (FRT-EN) filled with people wanting to pew pew.

- All Timezones covered
- Thick skin.
- TS3, Mumble, and Discord.
- Nul Sec PvP
-Small Gang
- Proving Grounds
- Full SRP on Ops.
- Dread Stimulus.
- ISK making opportunities (farmholes, null sec space, and more).

Come and chat in our public channel

Discord -

Invincible. | Corporation | zKillboard

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