New Eden's Premiere Elitest Alliance is looking for corporations

Have you ever felt the crushing shame of not being in an elite PvP alliance? Well Parasitic Legion. is here to convert your shame into a different form altogether. We are an alliance based in Curse region and we also own some Scalding Pass systems next to our Curse HQ and we are looking for PvP corporations to join our alliance.

Things we offer to your corporation:

  • Null space for ratting and mining.
  • Citadels with services supporting industry & refining & moon mining.
  • Easy access to missioning hubs (1 or 2 jumps from HQ)
  • Alliance staging is in close proximity to other major alliance spaces so easy access to content
  • Big boy PvP hangar, we can produce any ship we want to fly in our home system
  • Connections in FW systems for lowsec PvP.
  • Citadels in Auga and Ashitsu for FW panic dock needs.
  • 50/50 EU and US TZ (One token Aussie)
  • No blues

Things we expect from your corporation:

  • No major spergs, nobody will deal with brain deficient pilots (we already have our own brainlet quota filled)
  • Your corps main priority should be PvP, we aren’t looking for renters.
  • Your corporation must be self sufficent, you will have the means to be self sufficient in our alliance. If you don’t know how we can give you tips and tricks.
  • Taking responsibility for your own safety.

Our alliance can easily support small PvP corporations and set them up with opportunities of PvP and money making, if your corporation is in need of a home and a sugar daddy you are in luck because the most elite alliance of New Eden, Parasitic Legion. is recruiting.

We just PvP and have fun, looking for other folks to join in because the more is the merrier.

Contact Juzuv Jebot or Simo Panala for discussions.


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