New(ish) player looking for Caldari Factional Warfare/Small Gangs Corp

Hi all,

I’ve played EVE for the last 2 years but wasn’t dedicated and played very rarely. However, I am now really in to the game and keen on doing PvP + Industrial stuff when I am not PvP’ing. I currently have 3.8 million skill points and have a Rokh which is fully kitted out and keen to start using it with a group of people. Of course I am also happy to fly any type of ship (Frigate, Destroyer, etc). My character is CALDARI.

Looking for a friendly group to play with an learn how to PvP properly and get better at it. I am from the UK and have a working microphone + Discord.


Hey! Welcome back!

Does it have to be factional warfare of would you be interested in small gangs in NPC null?

If yes, check us out!

Fly cool!

hey man. you are a bit low on SP for us but if you need help finding a home you can jump into our discord and talk to me. I will try and redirect you according to your needs. my info is in the ad.

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