Looking for low sec corporation or alliance

Hi, Im a normal pvp player, I have been playing EVE for 2 years, I have experience making fits, mining, trading and loosing ships as and idiot :smiley:

-I literrally dont have any ship or ISK and in my pocket there is 3 mill isk lmao

  • My sec status is -9.9
  • Just 1 alt that has Iteron mark V for moving stuff
  • Europe Timezone/ Usually playing just some weekends and only for fun.

-I can use stealh bombers, Orca, Some good battleships and in 2 months the naglfar
-Yeah i look useless xd, just give me a ship and i will fight with you against anybody :smiley:
-If someone in healthy mind is interested just send a fcking PM (if you need me to teach i can :wink: )

Hey Aryon,

I send you a pm but also want to react to this post. We might be a good match for you!

Well, we can give you ways of making isk so you can PvP with us but thats about it.