The struggle is real EUTZ LowSec Pirates!

The struggle is real is a young pvp corporation founded by experienced pilots. We focus at solo and small gang pvp where all pilots in a fleet are equally important. Here the skill of the pilot and good communication is key to win. With us a pilot is not a number. We also do the occasional gatecamp or suicidegank. The kill is important, not how you get it:)

Our main goal is to have fun with the corp and basically to kill everybody around us. This means we have no blues! We are located in a LowSec system in Factional Warfare but we do not choose sides. As said, everybody is fair game.

We want everybody to feel at home and join comms because its nice to talk to friends after a day of work. We offer a helping, friendly and relaxed atmosphere and expect the same from new pilots. We understand real life comes first so we do not have mandatory ops. We do however expect pilots to help out other pilots when online.

What we offer:

  • Experienced corporation and alliance leadership
  • Small gang roams
  • EU timezone
  • Corporation buy back program
  • Relaxed atmosphere where loosing a ship is not the end of the world
  • All sorts of pvp without elitism
  • Discord server

What we are looking for:

  • Anybody who wants to pvp. Experience is gained by doing so the sooner join the better.
  • Alpha and Omega pilots accepted
  • Active pilots with a good attitude and a sense of humor
  • Mature behaviour
  • Team Players
  • No skillpoint minimum
  • Be self sufficient (we can help out with options of course)

How can you join:

  • Contact our CEO (Mickos) ingame or reply to this topic. Or join our open channel in game: The public struggle

We are looking forward to welcome you into our corp!

Fly dangerous!


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