Returning player looking for a home

To whom may concern,

Been out of the game for a few years now but recently have returned and am looking for a nice corp to settle down with

5.5 mil SP
Small amounts of FC, war, and incursion experience
Willing to move

PM or mail me anytime!


Hey Nicole,

Welcome back! I am not sure which tz you are. But have a look at our recruitment post and see if you like it?

Hey! I’ve found a pretty good place as a returning player. We are part of a reasonably sized alliance, live in safe space on the edge of low sec and quick access to 0.0. There are knowledgeable players in Corp and alliance to help you learn and find out what’s what in the new world of eve. I will message you ingame.

Sent you an in-game mail message!

Hey m8,
What TZ are you in? Are you looking for PVE or PVP or a blend?

We are a real life first, pvp focused, nullsec corp looking for team player types. Stop by and have a chat, we might be a good fit for you.