Dream Endeavor - USTZ Mining/Indy & PVE - Essence Region

Dream Endeavor is a non war eligible corp based in Essence Region welcoming both new and returning players to a carefree, casual, and accepting environment that encourages member growth and development while also prioritizing member wealth generation.

Our 2 main focuses are Mining/Industry and PVE in Highsec

  • Alpha Friendly
  • USTZ Prime 00:00 - 8pm EST
  • Low 3% Tax Rate
  • Free Starter Ships for PVE and Mining
  • Discounted advanced ships for PVE and Mining on Contract
  • Corp PVP Roams
  • Item buyback available
  • Mining Fleets w/ Orca Boosts
  • Ice Belts Nearby
  • L1-L4 PVE Security Missions Nextdoor
  • Corp Discord for Comms & Out of Game Community

Join us in game “DEVUP Recruitment” or in Discord - https://discord.gg/S9BZTaV


Be apart of something from the ground up - join us today!

You’re welcome for that gem right there - come hop in our discord and say hello!

Come help make Essence a powerhouse region in EVE!

Running a Mining Fleet right meow!

Hey bois - we are out and about again tonight - hit us up in game or in our discord

Happy 4th to the US bois - come check us out in game if you are around the Essence Region

Come on in…the water is warm!

Will be out and about in space err in about an hour come on out and join our discord for more info https://discord.gg/S9BZTaV

The boosts are up!.. come join in!

It’s PVE time bois…come join the fun!

Let’s do it bois! - the time is right meow!

Got a case of the Mondays? Weve got the fix for ya, come flu with us in space!