Looking for a home for a young player

Hello fellow pilots!

I’m trying to help a young pilot find a good home with either other young players or good mentors wanting to help younger players.

This young pilot is super-excited to play with others and loves doing PVE missions with other pilots. He also enjoys mining with others, but prefers PVE. He loves to stream and interact with other young players, too. He can be a little gun-shy and currently isn’t interested in PVP or high risk adventures.

Our corp is helping him in the time being, but we’re a mostly older corp focused on more mature gameplay. We’re hoping to find him a good home where he can thrive and fall in love with EVE!

If your corp is interested or if you have any suggestions regarding potentially good fits for him, please contact me, here or in game.

Thanks in advance!

Dakota Raine
Dream Endeavor
Director of Operations


What time is he online? I’m recruiting and would be interested in showing him around.

Here is a link to our corp advert. Come one, Come All! Help Shape a Corporation!

Either way, best of luck to your buddy!

Thanks, @Crash_Jayco!

He’s based in New Zealand, which is 12 hours ahead of EVE time. During weekdays, he often plays around 3pm US-EST / 19:00 EVE Time for a couple of hours and again around 12pm EST/ or 04:00 EVE time for several hours. I’m less familiar with his weekend times.

Does that help?

Yeah, at this time we are on mostly from 0700 to 1600 eve time but are actively trying to find good quality players that will help expand that time frame more and more. If he is interested, have him contact me in game. Crash Jayco. Email or direct chat works.

Ok, thanks, and take care!

anzac alliance is the benchmark for australasian players imo

We would have been happy to have him - although we’re in the EU timezones (GMT/GMT+1/GMT+2).
Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer him any assistance.

Hope he finds his home!

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