Returning back to ever and looking for a new home

Well i am back and looking for some other people to fly around with. flying on your own is a bit boring some time.

What i am looking for

Corp that has active pilots in AU time zone (would love pilots in WST)
A corp that understand i have a RL. i have a wife and two young kids. so been out flying fleet mission or doing mining mission to all hours of the night is very unlikely.
i have a full time job (Monday to Friday) so go out on fleet ops during the day is really not going to happen

What i can give you

well the best i can offer is a loyal member to the corp. i can and have done pretty much every job in other corps
I am happy to fly and help newer pilots in the corp. while i may love my BS i will get out or go and buy a Destroyer to go and fly missions

I Play most night from about 7:30 pm (Perth time AUS) to about 10:30/11 (Perth time AUS)

Well that is pretty much everything.

So guess all i can say is Fly safe all

We operate mostly in USTZ but we’re happy to have some extra Aussies. Wild.Hunt Is Recruiting!

I think we’d be a good fit mate we’ve got quite a few Aussies,

Check us out:

@Ghostau Hi there, sounds like you should consider to have a look at our recruitment post, we do have a few players who live around Perth area aswell :upside_down_face:

Our alliance is is beefing up the AU member base. It is helping and you could pop up here and see what you think.

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