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Comrades in Construction [C.I.C]

[CIC] is a very newbro (new player), old or returning player friendly. Alpha or Omega does not matter in our eyes. we consider everyone in corp as “family” and always happy to help out one another.

We can offer you:

  • Activities in:
    • Mining*
    • Industry: Production, Research and (Invention)
    • Missions**
    • Exploration
    • Planetary Interaction (PI)
    • PvP
  • Veteran EVE players who are willing to help whenever possible and needed
  • Access to NPC Null in the region of Syndicate and Outer Ring
    • Good PI opportunities, can easily get you 500mil/month
    • Nice mining - Ore or Ice
  • Players from just about all TZs; US, EU and AUS

*) we try to have mining OPs every now and again, if no evet is up your welcome to make your own or simple just ask if any would like to join you in the belt. :smiley:

**) Several of our veteran player are able to run L4 agents, and if you ask they may be willing to help you grind your standing, so you too can do so. :wink:

Should you be interested in joining or have any questions feel free to join our Public Recruitment channel: CIC Recruit. While we do not have an age limit, we do expect a mature and civilized behavior.

If you feel more information is required please don’t hessitate to contact one of our recruiters: Evaldia, Malioness and Tasselhoff

PS: Don’t mind our beloved Corp mom ( :two_hearts: Malioness :two_hearts:), she can be a little grumpy at time but she does it out of the goodness in her heart. She just love to know all about her lovely “Children”.

We require from you:

  • API Key - with the following information (for security measure):
    • Character (Dropdown): All
    • Private Information:
      • CharacterInfo
      • CharacterSheet
    • Public Information:
      • CharacterInfo
  • Good spirit
  • Trust and Respect (something that is earned in due time)
  • Above all, willingness to have some fun

Started few days ago
New(ish) player looking for indy corp
Returning back to ever and looking for a new home
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