Cetacean Nation is now recruiting! US/EU

                              Tired of mining alone?

                             Want a more active corp?

                       Looking for some action on the side?

Look no further, the Cetacean Nation is an up and coming corporation and we want you to fly with us!

CETAC has a strong emphasis on collaboration and we’re pursuing like-minded, social pilots to join our ranks. We aim to be a industrial powerhouse in new-eden with a formidable reputation that cannot be rivalled elsewhere.

Come and embark on an adventure with an ambitious Corporation such as ourselves. We will set the tone of new-eden; the question is, why haven’t you signed up to discover what you’re possible of achieving?

Things we can offer you:

  • Dank mining boosts
  • Knowledge & assistance
  • Null Sec operations
  • Discord
  • Small gang/large scale PVP fleets
  • Free doctrine ships and skill books for newbros
  • A website with a full Gaming Community for you to utilise at your own desire!

Things we are looking for:

  • Miners, Fighters, Industrialists & Explorers;
  • Mature (18+) and teamwork oriented;
  • Friendly, good humoured individuals;
  • Atleast 6 months of playing EVE under your belt;
  • Activity;
  • Willingness to fly on Defensive/Aggressive fleets when called upon.

If you are interested, please stop by our public channel: CETAC Lounge in game!

NOTE: All applications sent in without a prior conversation with a recruiter will be rejected immediately.




Still looking for pilots!

Wanna be apart of a capital building power-house? Look no further…



Indy focused? Not afraid to PVP? Want access to everything EVE Online has to offer? Look no further… TCOMI is the place for you!

i have multiple characters one of which is a security mission runner with its subsystems and it can take on security 4 missions, i do not know how to pvp and would like to learn but not in my ships i have now, i also have a procurer on that character, on this character there is a blockade runner and im working on trying to get to jump freighter, i also have a mining character all are omega and i wanna learn the ropes. i aquired the characters from a friend and bought and sold plex to get the isk for the accs. i have no clue on how to use any characters efficiently other then the runner. i am on tonight from 1030 est till aprox 1am est. i am 22 and i have a 40 hour work week irl comes first. if ur interested in me i respond to my emails quickly my email is dowdragonsdesire@gmail.com

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WHY The Coalition Of Miners?

  • We’re experienced,
  • We’re miners with teeth,
  • We’re are a confident, industrial Null-Sec corporation,
  • And most importantly, we’re active!

Have we managed to catch your attention yet? Come have a chat with us at our lounge to learn more.

Still unsure what TCOMI can offer you?

We’re much more that just a Corporation, we’re a Community!

Join our in-game lounge to learn more.


Boredom getting the best of you as you solo mine?

Paranoid by the potential ganks awaiting around the corner?

Confused on which direction to embark on with the endless possibilities with industry?

Here at TCOMI, we can provide an endless amount of resources. Be that intel from our alliance FUBAR., advise from our veterans and a consistent project work-load that will always help you to focus your indy ambitions.

Come & be apart of a formidable mining/indy force. One that is not afraid of PVP.

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Active Corp, looking for active players!

Apply today!

Are you a EU time zone player?

Looking for an active Corp within this time zone?

We’re the Corporation for you!


Don’t think there is a need for us to express that we’re a active corp!

Join us now for some good content!


Still looking for active pilots.

Join today!

Still on the look out for like-minded pilots!

If you tick our boxes, have a chat with us and see if we tick yours.

Old & new are welcome!!