Cetacean Nation is Recruiting! [Sov Null]

CETAC is recruiting! We are accepting veterans and newbros alike.
CETAC is an industrial-minded corp, but we don’t mind throwing a punch when needed!
Join us if you like building things, or blowing s$^# up every so often!
We are very open and willing to help people learn the game, and tricks of the trade, so to speak, and we are happy to welcome veteran players into the fold.

What we offer:

  • Access to hundreds of allied structures, as well as some Corp owned facilities
  • Huge Supercapital umbrella
  • DED sites
  • Capital Construction
  • Moon mining ops
  • Alliance activities (fun roams, fleet PvP, etc.)
  • Plenty of space for exploration (Data/Relic)
  • Mumble/discord comms

Minimum 6 months experience

Join In-game channel “CETAC Lounge” to meet a recruiter



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