SOV Null corp opening its doors

Corp in SOV holding Alliance opening its doors to recruitment. We are moving and will be based in Tenerifis, with a great group of dudes where content is just a fleet away.

We offer
★ A great community with experienced pilots and FC’s willing to help.
★ Active in EUTZ and USTZ
★ PvP fleets (from Small to coalition wide fleets)
★ Good ratting and mining space and many other ISK making opportunities.
★ Laid back group of dudes, no drama and none permitted.
★ Growing Capital capability and willingness to use them.

★ Full API key
★ 5 million SP Minimum
★ PvP Fleet Participation
★ Active and team player

Tools and Comms available:
★ Voice comms : TS3
★ Discord for Offline chat & Pings

If interested send me a ingame mail or join our in game chat and apply at the below link
Apply Here




bumpirino for peepirinnos

Free Cookies!

Looking bros to smash holes

Looking to get into null and have some fun hit us up, we are also taking mergers from corps looking to get into an established group of players.




Good guys, check em out

These guys are machines, if you looking for 24/7 content they are the ticket.

you want fack we give u fack, also recruiting for science

+1 for my fam, good job last night!

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