Cetus Mechanicus building a community not a Corp

Hello New Eden

Who are we?

We are Cetus Mechanicus but we just call ourselves ‘Whale’.

This is a new corp, looking for pilots new and old from all walks of life.

We reside in nullsec as part of a greater community of players; Vindictive alliance.

We are primarily focussed on team industrial projects but we love a good fight and PvP. We probably destroy things as often as we construct them.

This is an adult only community, free of political correctness or censor but by the same token we don’t tolerate bigots either. It’s not what you say, it’s what you mean by your words that matters with us.

What we are looking for:We are looking for a English speaking pilots. (If you happen to be CN or DE we can point you towards friends of ours with native Chinese or German speakers.)

We want people who will engage and be part of the community, hang out on comm’s and have a laugh with us. This is a video game at the end of the day and some of us play others together too.Pilot experience or knowledge isn’t important to us; you can be brand spanking new or a bitter veteran. All we ask is people apply common sense, be willing to learn new things and use information resources available to learn things for themselves.We want our teammates to be active but we appreciate real life comes first and can get in the way, just talk to us if you’re having time issues and be active with the community when you can.Finally, know your boundaries. Banter is one thing, if you’re a insert expletive of choice here then please keep on walking.

If you like the sound of our motley crew and can see yourself being a part of this then you can:

Join our discord https://discord.gg/mYsrEEz
Join us on TS @ (Ts.taskforcebravo.co.uk)

You can also message one of the leadership team in game:

Kane Kuchera. Mason Paaltomo and Cetacean Pandicane

We hope to hear from you soon,Cetus Mechanicus Leadership


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