New(ish) player looking for indy corp

Hey. I’m UK based, usually active weekends and evening 8pm onwards.

Looking for an indy corp so I can mine and run missions / sites / explore etc - don’t really mind what I do so long as with a decent bunch. Also enjoy playing the markets. Eventually want to start invention & manufacturing. So, everything basically.

Not really done PVP yet, sure I will in due course. Same for WH’s, and certainly don’t want to live there (yet).

Looking for an active corp, HS/LS/Null not fussed. Have 2 accounts, but not much in the way of SP on mains (15m & 8m), but I’m a quick learner.

Have headset, will use any other programs / apps the corp uses.

Msg me ingame to chat, thanks for reading.

We at Grain Fields Inc. should be able to accommodate those needs.

If you interested and got some questions and stuff contact me ingame please. I’ll gladly help you out.

Once my dinner is done I’ll throw you a line ingame as well as requested.

Cheers o/

Thanks. Do you have a pub channel?

@Type_Blue Hi there and welcome to EVE, if you haven’t seen the mail Dyexz has sent you, you can check out this (if you haven’t seen it already)

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