Graig Cyson (EU TZ) Indy & PvP recruiting

Graig Cyson Looking for new corp mates, our experience is in mining & manufacturing, PvE .
We are an established Null sec corp with alliance and Coalition support offering a great place to be based and enjoy the universe of Eve.
We offer:

  • High yield ores and ice
  • Regular fleets and roams
  • Established markets and close to Jita and Amarr
  • BPO catalogue
  • Help with training
  • SRP on corp and alliance ops
  • No drama preferred policy

The corp is looking for people who understand that working together is easier than individually (Those super caps don’t build them selves) and encourage members to have some fun in areas of the game they have not yet tried - PvP for example in all its forms from DPS killer to Logi healer.

New pilots welcome, genuine support offered but Comms preferred to make your life easier.

Fly safe, Fly with purpose, Fly with Graig Cyson

Contact in game Kegsy


We even talk to each other on coms, once vodka came out of my nose - Just saying

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