Imperium Legion-Sov holding Corp/Alliance

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #1

Imperium Legion, a Null Sec sov holder, seeks pilots that are willing to be team players, contribute towards the greater good, and make large amounts of ISK in the process.

What we focus on:
• Ratting;
• PvP

What we offer:
• A relaxed, team atmosphere; • Guidance and instruction on life in null sec space; • PvP – both pocket defense and weekly roams; • Ship replacement program for doctrine ships involved in Alliance ops; • Mining Ops; • Weekly jump freighter runs to get ships down to null, and loot out of null; • Mineral, ice and salvage buyback programs

What we require:
• Must form up when online and called upon to protect the pocket; • A willingness to move to null and live in the pocket; • Be a team player; • Train into doctrine PvP ships; • Full API; • Any skill point level can apply

If you think you might be a good fit, please reply and we can get to know one another.

Newbro Friendly

95.6 mil SP returner
Looking for new corp
Returning player looking for Corporation
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly Corporation
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly Corporation
Looking for alliance
New player looking for a more 'me' corpiration
Returning back to ever and looking for a new home
61m SP Returning player
Looking for well established and aggressive null sec corp
Looking for PvP corp
Returning player!
100mil Returning Player
Returning Player Former Nullsec Mining/Defense
11mil Sp player lf null corp
Returning player, 109 mil sp booster / trade / diplomacy / corp management
11mil Sp player lf null corp
Two Green-ish Pilots LF Corp
Returning Player Looking for Good Community/Corp
37M and 45M sp chars looking for home
94m sp pilot looking for nullsec home,
99 M SP maxed logi searching for PVP Null sov corp to fight for
6.6mil SP Newbro looking for Corp to progress with
US TZ PVP Pilot looking for something
Looking for new home
80Mil+ SP player looking for a corp
Casual Player with multiple 80M+ toons looking for corp
Recruitment me? maybe?
Returning Player LF NullSec home (26 mil SP)
160m sp player returning
Looking for somewhere to belong
Returning Player Looking for a Friendly and Understanding Corp
Returning Player LF NullSec home (26 mil SP)
28mill pilot looking to relearn the game -- PVP/IND
Returning player 3.2mil sp
Nearly 40mil SP – Looking for 0.0 Corp \ Alliance - New Challenge (S-Cap&Logi&Fleet)
Been away from the game for two years, looking for a home
Found a home thanks for all the interest
Corp found! thanks for all the offers!
Corp found! thanks for all the offers!
Player looking for new home
New player looking for small group to learn pvp
(shane collinsworth) #2

how do I apply?

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #3

I’ll private convo you now since I’m in game.

(shane collinsworth) #4

Alright sounds good

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #5

Bump online now come ask your questions

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #6

We are still recruiting team pilots. Don’t be a number any more

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #7

Just logged on so hit me up

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #8

Still looking for more great pilots to join us. We are looking for pilots willing to help us

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #9

We are online now having some fun in null

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #10

We have great Fri. lets have fun

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #11

Come check us out this weekend

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #12

Online all day stop by

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #13

come just us out today looking for more pilots to enjoy eve with

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #14

We are all online tonight

(Multifrequency) #15

Siegfried, my corporation is looking to join your alliance. Convo me or evemail me.

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #16

Online tonight again guys having some fun

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #17

onlinbe now if you want to ask questions

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #18

Having a great saturday on eve

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #19

Its sunday and we will be around all day

(Siegfried vonFalkenhayn) #20

Online tonight