New player looking for a more 'me' corpiration

hello i just recently started to play and am looking for a corp that is very active, has good mining and exploration, and will be willing to take me under their wing.
fyi i am caldari.(i don’t know if this affects anything)

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Hello. we are currently recruiting all types of players at the moment and currently have a more prominent base in industry and mining and are willing to help train and help you become a better pilot.

thank you for the offer @Hakisho_Yomatisu i would like to look into your corp more before i decide. but while i look into yours i would like to keep looking for awhile if that is okay .

that is fine by me, feel free to join the chat room if you have any questions you would like to discuss

Greetings Brodie

We are a corporation that likes to get involved in all aspects that EvE Online has to offer.

We are active, friendly and not afraid to take on and build up even the newest of pilots.

We have a vast amount of experience amongst our pilots, that thrive on the opportunity to help and develop new members and our corporation into something even more great than what it is.

So if you’re ambitious, not afraid to get your hands dirty, enjoy good banter and not too shy to talk on comms, then come on over to our public channel. We would love to hear from you.

Public Channel – Lizards Pub

What we look for :

18+ Years of age
Voice comms
15+mil SP
The hunger to smash people in the face
Solid sense of humour, we love the bants
What you can expect :

Strong UK/EU time zone presence
Daily PVP roams
Solid leadership
Active members
Experience and willing to assist
Corp JF service
Weekly BLOPS fleets

Hello @Brodie_Fox ,

Come check us out, we are a WH Training Corp/Alliance.

Join our In Game Alliance Chat Channel: The Doppler Effect Pub Crawl
or Public Discord Channel: WHSOC

[DOPLR] Become A Wormhole Savage: C2 Corp Recruiting - Join Dependent On Pilots Today!

Hope to see ya in space,
A :mage: of EVE content

Hey Brodie, Welcome to EvE!

to answer your question, before my pitch, being caldari only matters if you are an alpha, as alphas are locked into their current races ships. If you are omega, you can train anything, so it doesnt really matter. My corp, for example, flies cruiser fleets of caldari, so you would fit in perfect. However if you were an amarr alpha you would not be in the best position since you could only fly amarr ships, which are armor ships compared to shield.

Anyways, Quantum Star Conglomerate is a relatively small corp, but we are growing fast. We are perfectly fine with newer players, we will teach you anything you need or want to know no problem, and even if you are online and you have a question that noone can answer, you can ask it in our slack, which we use to talk out of game, and one of our leaders or other more knowledgeable members can respond to you from at work or school or, if they are particularly dedicated, while in bed with their partner. Someone will always be there if you need them.

We also have a very robust buyback system, where we will buy any ores, salvage, Ice, PI, or minerals from you at a very good price, so you can both support the corp by doing the industry you like, as well as get paid fast and have good people to mine with. We also have an advanced industrial team that builds everything up to and including Capital ships and Citadel structures, so you can see where your time is going.

If I’ve piqued your interest at all, feel free to go over to my “official” post to get any details i may have left out, im on my lunch break so im rushing this post a bit. You can respond to me in that post, this one, or evemail me or message me on the forum, which would allow me to respond to you while Im working.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I hope to fly with you soon after o7

Based on your skill set we would like to entertain you joining the FUCSS

Check us out here or look in our Recruitment Channel. (FUCSS Recruitment)

Check us out

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