Imperium Legion Null sec PVP/PVE/sov holding corp

Imperium Legion, a Null Sec sov holder, seeks pilots that are willing to be team players, contribute towards the greater good, and make large amounts of ISK in the process.
What we focus on:
• Ratting;
• PvP
• indy
• Mining ops
What we offer:
• A relaxed, team atmosphere; • Guidance and instruction on life in null sec space; • PvP – both pocket defense and weekly roams; • Ship replacement program for doctrine ships involved in Alliance ops; • Mining Ops; • Weekly jump freighter runs to get ships down to null, and loot out of null; • Mineral, ice and salvage buyback programs
What we require:
• Must form up when online and called upon to protect the pocket; • A willingness to move to null and live in the pocket; • Be a team player; • Train into doctrine PvP ships; • Full API • 5mil skill points * Willingness to be on comms. If you think you might be a good fit, please reply and we can get to know one another.
Newbro Friendly

LF more pilots for Null Sec. Need people looking for some people that want to PvP and have fun with a group of mature players.

We’ve got a great core of pilots to fly with

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