Wild.Hunt Is Recruiting!

Wild.Hunt alliance is recruiting PvP corps to join our ranks out in Fountain region.

We live in the Minotaur constellation in Fountain.

We are looking for PvPers capable of flying high end doctrines and mid-level doctrines in Sov Null. We enjoy small to mid-sized fleets, so every pilot counts.

We hold upgraded Sovereignty and have a strong logistics arm to get supplies in and out of Fountain. We have a strong Industrial arm to produce capital ships and subcapitals on demand.

Currently we are only recruiting PvP corporations and members, but if you have an industry bone, you are welcome to apply anyways. We have resources available for such pilots.

We will require;
-Joint communication through Discord/Teamspeak
-Willingness to PvP and share the “PVE so we can PvP more” mentality.
-A willingness to show up to fleets and get in on fights!
-Some experience PvPing in nullsec or lowsec in the past with a decent killboard, preferably. (Doesn’t have to be all green, just has to show you shoot stuff)

We are not renters. We do not have fees or charges to fly with us. I expect everyone to have a real life outside of EVE, I just want people who want to play the game.

Contact ‘Deckhard Aura’ in game or join ‘Dirty Finks’ in game chat for details.

Some examples of our PvP;



Good pilot, and great guy!


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Wild.Hunt is still recruiting! Join today.

Still recruiting corps and individual pilots! Check us out if you have questions!

Wild.Hunt is recruiting. Now with a bit more space to work with. :smiley:

Now proud owners of the Minotaur constellation in Fountain. Come help us turn it into a decent home. We’re recruiting all types of pilots. Weather you’ve never done null before or you’ve been out there for years. Join the Hunt today.

We’re still recruiting PvP corps and pilots to our alliance! Join today!

Still recruiting new pilots! We have recently doubled our pilot count and grown to over 200 members. Message me (Deckhard Aura) in game if you have questions!

Still recruiting new pilots and corporations! Join the Hunt!

Wild.Hunt is still looking for pilots to fill our ranks! New corporations and pilots welcomed.

Join the Hunt today!

Wild.Hunt is still recruiting!

Wild.Hunt is still recruiting PvP corporations and pilots! Join the Hunt today!

Join the Hunt today! We’re still looking for PvPers.

Seeking PvP Corporations to join our alliance!

Still recruiting PvPers interested in joining Wild.Hunt or Wild.Hunt corporations.

Wild.Hunt is still looking for PvPers looking for a good home.

Wild.Hunt is looking for you. PvPers welcome!