Wild.Hunt is Recruiting PvP Corps/Pilots

(Deckhard Aura) #1

Wild.Hunt alliance is recruiting PvP corps to join our ranks out in Fountain region.

We do not have a specific SP requirement for corporations and their members (or members interested in joining alone) but it’s highly recommended that they have the skills to fly an interceptor because we live in nullsec and they’re helpful to get around as well as tackle in pvp engagements.

We use top tier doctrine alongside of our allies and will need experienced pilots ready to pull together for fights. Newer pilots are welcome too, but they need to be willing to train into our doctrines!

We own Sovereignty of our own. We were just formed recently so that’s a work in progress.

We have access to quality space for making ISK, but our primary goal is PvP, to echo this, at this time we’re not looking for Industrial corporations (we have one already).

We will require;
-Joint communication through Discord/Teamspeak
-Willingness to PvP and share the “PVE so we can PvP more” mentality.
-A willingness to show up to fleets and get in on fights!
-Some experience PvPing in nullsec or lowsec in the past with a decent killboard, preferably. (Doesn’t have to be all green, just has to show you shoot stuff)

We are not renters. We do not have fees or charges to fly with us. I expect everyone to have a real life outside of EVE.

Contact ‘Deckhard Aura’ in game or join ‘Dirty Finks’ in game chat for details.

*Edited; We have Sov now. :smiley:

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(Orlav Aldent) #2

Recommend checking these guys out, few long time capsuleers, not bitter vets and a casual community.

gl o7

(Deckhard Aura) #3

Bumpin. We’re still recruiting corporations and individuals willing to help us grow as a new nullsec alliance! Now with better ratting/mining options.

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(Deckhard Aura) #6

Still looking for PvP focused corporations interested in making the plunge into Nullsec. We have good Sov to work with and fantastic allies to fight alongside. Message me in game or reply here for details!

(Deckhard Aura) #7

Still seeking quality PvPers to fill our ranks! We will accept newer PvP corps that want to prove themselves in null, or just simply make the move out to nullsec. Great opportunity to get in with a really awesome team.

(Jak Jaeger) #8

Are you guys willing to show a noob the Ropes For pvp?

(Deckhard Aura) #9

Very likely, yes. I do expect folks to be able to hold their own out in nullsec to some degree, but if you want to learn how to PvP, then we can teach ya. We’re still looking for new members. Feel free to poke me in game so we can chat.