FUCSS are Recruiting

Welcome Ladies and Gents!!

The Freighters Under Construction Support Services are a Full Spectrum Null Sec Sov Holding Corporation within the EvE Universe.

We have a strong Policy that weighs heavy on RL coming First and believe that real life must be first to ensure our corp to be fun, trolling, and full of content.

What we do.
Capital Production
Moon Mining - Including Changes upcoming
Sov Holding Alliance
Capital Engagements
Sub Cap PVP
Black Ops
Small Gangs
Overall Shenanigans

Check out Our Killboard

What we are looking for:
Industrial Specialist
New Bro Indy Pilots
Omega Clones
PVE bros
Straight PVP pilots

All must want to learn or be involved in PVP

Please Contact myself Here or in Game and would like to meet with you.

~Shurgin Ambraelle

Move up for information

Come on check us out

5 new members in two weeks. Can’t be too wrong about this. Also note former and active duty military is welcome. Thank you for your service.

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