FUCSS is recruting. Hi-Sec, Low Sec- PVP - PVE and Indy

The Freighters Under Construction Support Services are a Full Spectrum Corporation within the EvE Universe.

We have a strong Policy that weighs heavy on RL coming First and believe that real life must be first to ensure our corp to be fun, trolling, and full of content.

What we do.

  • Industry
  • Moon Mining
  • Sub Cap PVP
  • Black Ops
  • Fleets
  • Small Gangs
  • Camping
  • Overall Shenanigans

What we are looking for:

  • Industrial Specialist
  • New Bros
  • Omega Clones
  • PVE bros
  • Straight PVP pilots

Please Contact myself Here or in Game and would like to meet with you or apply on https://smssonline.net
Do require you have access to a mic and can get on team speak.

CEO Fasterwolf

FUCSS still recruiting come join in on the fun.

Recruitment is still open.

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