Dream Endeavor - USTZ Mining/Indy & PVE - Essence Region

Going to be on this evening with likely Mining, PVE, and maybe some late night funzie pvp roams through low, come stop by!

Space is the place to be - lets see you out in it - flying with us!

Want to learn industry and mfg? Come check us out

Corp PVP roams tonight!

Welcoming new and returning players with a relaxed community environment

Want to get into Indy? we can help!

Mining Monday Bois - come get some!

To my East Coast TZ boys…stay safe while this hurricane is a coming

Watching Playoff Hockey and Mining…doesnt get any better

Hurricanes (Carolina) are moving on…how is YOUR team doing in the playoffs so far?

Dream Endeavor has been a GREAT corp so far! Laid back, shared hanger stocked with items, discounted ships and fits, different small group ops that we can opt into or not, knowledge sharing back and forth, and perhaps most importantly, lots of good humor and having fun! I recommend players wanting a calm, friendly, and supportive experience, give Dream Endeavor a try!

Love this growing corp! Great laid back and supportive vibe, mix of players and playstyles, frequent mining and PVE events with varied other content experiences mixed in (e.g. PVP, Huffing, WH, etc.).

Check them out!


Fantastic corp! Growing day by day, and lots of opportunities to do different things and interact with laid back peeps! There’s almost always someone to mine with, usually with orca boosts, and the secondary activities are so much fun! PVP with corp supplied ships, WH mining, mission running… Thanks Dream Endeavor for changing the game for me!


Help keep the dream alive! Come fly with us today!

Warp to the Dancefloor!

Lots of Returning Vets and New Bro’s - Its a great dynamic and people are sticking with the game!

Fleet ops are on the calendar boys…there is iskies to be made!

USTZ typically at least 14 bros in corp a night…LIVING THE LIFE!

Laid back, chill and drama free…come unwind not wind up!

13 in Fleet right now…Lets go!!