Dream Endeavor - USTZ Mining/Indy & PVE - Essence Region

70 Members…and people are staying/enjoying the game…thats the mission…keep people loving the game we do


Give us a holla if you wanna go to 0.0

Been a great first 2 months and we have some awesome dudes in corp, come see what we are all about

Were gonna be on all day…swing on by!

Corp pvp roam tonight into FW space ships to hand out, drop by discord for more info

Lets go my dudes…its game time

27 bro’s in game last night…WILD

Let’s play some Eve bois!

Saturdays are for the bois - lets fleet up!

Pirate FOB’s are going down…come get that 30M payout! https://zkillboard.com/kill/86956991/

More FOBs to run. Come get in on it

Early morning start…lets do this!

Saturdays are for the bois - its eve time bae bae

Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/S9BZTaV

Eve Echoes is a gateway drug…Change my mind



If you know the Meme…you can DREAM


Couple of fun wormhole ops this week…and a nice PVP roam…was a good week in corp