Trailer Park Illuminati Alliance is RECRUITING!

Trailer Park Illuminati is now recruiting scrublords!!

If you didn’t know, but according to urbandictionary: A scrublord is a person that is extremely bad at a multiplayer game. Their hobbies might include raging at every death, blaming deaths on lag (tidi) and greasy mouse/keyboard, and an overall dumbass.

What type of scrubs are we?

  • We are currently living in cache (0.0 space)
  • We defend our space and help our neighbors
  • We are about teamwork!
  • We have a friendly and active community
  • We provide mumble and discord for ease of access
  • We go on long walks by the ocean and shoot those who have wronged us in the face
  • We mine rocks or shoot npcs for some quick cash

What type of scrubs are we looking for?

  • All time zones are welcome, we currently host US/EU
  • Corps of All Play Types Welcome!

What can we offer to on-looking scrubs?

  • Industry
  • Exploration
  • PVP (small gang to alliance wide)
  • A fun interactive environment
  • Mumble and discord for comm use and out of game text
  • Dank Memes
  • Moon Mining
  • Alliance PVP/PVE Sigs and Squads

How to contact us:

  • In game channel: TPI.DIPLO
  • Discord


  • Madwack Kring (Executor)
  • Widget Zombie (Director)
  • Mobius Fehrnah (Director)
  • Hunanchicken (Director)
  • Snaptin (Director)
  • Thunder908 Andedare (Director)
  • Colinde’s (Director)

Still open :heart:

Whatcha waiting for?! Join today!

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I love lamp

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What are you waiting for?? The time is now!

Bumpy Bumpy

If you don’t like to talk but listen. Come on and join. Blitz will never stop talking about random stuff. Come and join our community!

We recently turned blue to ‘Trailer Park Illuminati’, they are fun to fly with.

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