**Trailer Park Illuminati is now recruiting scrublords!**

If you didn’t know, but according to urbandictionary : A scrublord is a person that is extremely bad at a multiplayer game. Their hobbies might include raging at every death, blaming deaths on lag (tidi) and greasy mouse/keyboard, and an overall dumbass.

What type of scrubs are we?

  • We are currently living in Pure Blind (0.0 space)
  • We defend our space and help our neighbors
  • We are about teamwork!
  • We have a friendly and active community
  • We provide TS3 and discord for ease of access
  • We go on long walks by the ocean and shoot those who have wronged us in the face

What type of scrubs are we looking for?

  • All time zones are welcome, we currently host US/EU
  • Corps of All Play Types Welcome!

What can we offer to on-looking scrubs?

  • PVP (small gang to alliance wide)
  • Alliance PVP/PVE Sigs and Squads
  • Dank Memes
  • Industry
  • Exploration
  • A fun interactive environment
  • Mumble and discord for comm use and out of game text
  • Moon Mining

How to contact us:


  • Madwack Kring (Executor)
  • Widget Zombie (Director)
  • Mobius Fehrnah (Director)
  • Hunanchicken (Director)
  • Joe Shi (Director)
  • Thunder908 Andedare (Director)
  • Irremna (Director)
  • Theo StCurtis (Director)
  • BeefSam (Director)