New-ish player looking for Low/Null sec Corp

Greetings all. I played a bit of eve on an account awhile ago for about a month as a miner (the thrills, I’ll tell ya). Ran out of omega and didn’t like the way I was specced. So I started fresh with a friend’s referral and here I am, looking for a change of pace. Don’t have the best skills, but can pilot upwards of Crusier with a decent Armor Tank. Looking to join up with a Low sec or Null sec corporation and learn how to actually fight. Currently I am limited to the Alpha clone state, and hence T1. But nonetheless, here is my shameless post. Character name is John of Drumar.

Thanks for the time guys!


By all means if you have 6 mil plus on skill points come and give us a chat. we would love to show you the ropes in null. its really not that bad.

PvP Oriented group of pilots
With an unhealthy rock licking obsession and a mildly disturbed fascination with rat killing
English division for Da Imbalance

We’re seeking like minded individuals who enjoy the art of pew as well as the desire to be part of a growing corporation.

EU centric PvP, (EU/Russian Timezone CTA, pvp roams)
US centric PvE, (Mining/Ratting, small gang pvp)

We offer:

Dank Ticks
Rorqual Mining
Ice Mining
Random Laughter
come talk to us in R.ACT Public or come and talk to us on discord

lol unfortunaltely I just started and only have around 300,000

aww ouch. That is low for Null sec. Id recommend doing some incursions in high sec until your skill points rack up a bit. We wouldnt want you twiddling your thumbs in null.

Tell me what you think.
Sorry i couldn’t of been of much more help.

Thank you

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