New Launcher

Yesterday, when I opened the EVE launcher to play, a popup appeared asking me if I want to download and try the new launcher. I very much wanted to so I clicked on Download but then nothing happened, at all.
Today I start the launcher and thought maybe it installed in the background and half expected to see the new launcher but nothing.

What happened?
How do I get and install the new launcher?

Thank you for your replies.

You went to this website correct?

Then you scroll down the page to New Launcher Beta section. Then you select the download link for Windows or Mac OS. This sends you the file named “eve-online-latest+Setup.exe” into your downloads folder. After you run that install file, you hope and pray it works as intended on your system.

Note: there are warnings about this being in beta (experimental). Some people have said it doesn’t function well with their current system. I would strongly recommend a backup, assuming you have the HDD space available. I personally plan to wait for them to force it down my throat as they did the GUI nobody asked for last year.

Fly safe! o7

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