New moon ores T2 CRYSTALS?

(zieg zion) #1

Do you think new t2 crystals will be released along with the new moon ores?

To me it would make sense and would aslo add more isk sinks to mining them along with that include the need for miners to get the skills to lvl 4 for mining the new ores

(Do Little) #2

T2 crystals exist on Singularity:


CCP will not “release” them - players will need to invent them.

(zieg zion) #3

Have they released BPOs onto tranquility yet?

I mean for the T1 crystal variant for moon ore

(Tenar Molnak) #4

Nope…they have only released the skillbooks…no bops yet

You will need level 3 in each skill to use t1 crystal and level 4 to use t2 version.

(system) #5

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