New pilot blood wanted! Tight knit Null Sec corp Control-Space [5T0P]

  • Tight knit Corp in a LARGE Sov holding Alliance
  • Extremely organized Alliance and Coalition
  • Friendly and helpful group of eve players that have been around the game for a LONG TIME.
  • Newer Player Friendly, and will supply some CTA ships for newbros.
  • 50% EUTZ, 50% USTZ Currently with good overlap
  • Low Corp tax
  • All eve gameplay represented except WH living
  • PLENTY of PVP opportunities.

We are looking for ACTIVE MEMBERS to hang out and chat with during pvp fleets, mining fleets, ratting fleets. Any kind of fleet really as long as fun is to be had.

We have spots for experienced FC’s or those willing to learn the ropes.

We are supercapital experienced en equipped, and always looking for more cap pilots

Hop over to our Recruitment Channel 5T0P-Pub

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