New pilot. Come show me your awesome corps

Hi! I’m a new player and am looking for a fun and friendly corporation to join.

About me: US Central TZ, usually on around 1600-2400 EVE time. I work from home most of the time, but when I don’t work from home I work a 16-hour day, so I’m hoping for a bit of flexibility.

So far, the thing I’ve enjoyed most in EVE is exploration, but I’d also like to try out basically everything else, so a corp with a wide range of interests would be great. I’m not against doing anything. WH, nullsec, ratting, whatever–if you give me the space to learn how to do the thing, I will do the thing.

I’d love to do some immersive roleplaying as well–fully immersive or partial are both fine. This isn’t a must-have, though.

If I sound like a great fit for your corps, drop me a reply here. Ads are fine. Discord is great.

Thanks and see you around!

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You sounds like you would be not just a great fit, but a perfect fit for Aideron Robotics. They are the new player corporation in Federation Uprising, a faction warfare alliance that does a lot of Lowsec activities, but also owns Nullsec sovereignty, so does quite a bit of Nullsec as well (we also own a wormhole that doesn’t get used too often, and is available to our senior members).

They are a PVP focused group, in a PVP focused alliance, with an industry backbone (as any PVP group needs ships built constantly), and we have space for ratting and mining as well as a variety of PVE activites for making ISK.

We also have a lot of older players in the corp and alliance who are always willing to show newbros the ropes and answer any questions they have.

If we seem like we would be a good fit for you, feel free to join our alliance’s Discord server here and give us a look!

If small gang pvp is of interest you should check out FUN inc!!

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Thanks y’all! Checking both out.

Still fielding my options here, feel free to keep posting your corps. :slight_smile:


Come check GMVA out, we are based out of Lowsec with a pocket of SovNull. We have some crazy RP guys as well as some bitter vets to help teach you. Join “M.Public Channel” (case sensitive) and have a talk!

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While we don’t do much role-play, we’ve been told we have the best memes in Legacy Coalition :wink:

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