New pilot LFC

Hey yall,

New Zealand player looking to get into the game more with other people. Around 3mill SP. Most MMO’s I’ve tried playing I always go for PvP so I wouldnt mind trying that out in eve. Skills all over the place atm, so ill need help with that as well :sweat_smile:

Looking for a NZ/AUS based corp or one with people on 0400+ eve time

Hello Obeka

Have you took a look at those add there or even in game to see if there is something that interest you? There is even one from my corp around there.
I’m not a recruiter, but if you are interested, feel free to contact me in game so we can talk about what my corp can offer and what we expect from our recruits. Or even if my corp does not interest you, maybe I can help ou to figure out how to find some that suits you.

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