New player ( 4mill sp) lfc

Only bee playing eve 1 yr off and on and looking to join active corp really interested in wormholes but any corp with lil drama and patience would do.

USA time zones preferred.

Also have alt with 5mil sp coming with.

We’re The Order of Omerta and we are a highsec mining and indy focused Corp seeking chill ppl to enjoy the game with. Part of Seker Matar alliance.

Mining and indy are our main focus but we enjoy a lil of everything in hs.

We got:
Friendly helpful members
Mining fleets with orca boosts
Mission running fleets
WH exploration
Indy infrastructure
Discord The Order of Omerta
Corp buyback
Near perfect refining
Small gang pvp enthusiasts (roams and filament)
Incursion running
Newbro friendly ( minimum 10 days in game please )

We require:
Mic for coms (we wanna get to know you)
Submit to esi check
Be active (log in at least once or twice a week)
Willingness to join in on Corp content (we want friends not ppl off doing their own thing and not flying with us)
Relaxed mature attitude- haters, bullying and drama won’t be tolerated here nor will people who have issues with the differences of others.

Mostly :us: tz but open to any tz. Alliance is mostly :eu: and :australia: tz so always ppl to fly with.

If you wanna enjoy the game with a tight knit group of pilots who will help you enjoy the game then join The Order of Omerta today!

If interested message Varina Vengari

Fly safe o7

Sounds l8ke the corp for me :slight_smile: i am on my phone at work right now but when i get home i will send u a message k

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