Wormhole space is calling for you - Perihelion INC is actively recruiting pilots into its ranks!!!

Have you ever wondered what’s it like to venture into the unknown, to explore deep space and to capitalize on the massive profit opportunities that wormhole space gives you?
If the answer to the above questions is “YES” than we might be just the place for you!

We are a PvP oriented corporation, members of the Perihelion INC… .
We are led by very seasoned Fleet Commanders that tasted all types of EVE PVP content and that specialize in Wormhole space encounters.
We occupy a C3 class system with a HS connections

We accept both veteran pilots as well as newbros.

Our system has a vast and diverse planet system that will open up passive and semi-passive income streams for all your needs

What we Offer:

  • Multinational corporation ( you don’t have to speak perfect english )
  • No War ( we are not war eligible )
  • 15 Planets to do planetary interaction
  • 0% Tax on pocos
  • Moon mining
  • Daily Hi sec connection
  • Easy income from C3
  • Skill plan
  • Friendly and mature environment
  • Citadels infrastructure

With our know-how you can take a basic Alpha account with reflink bonus Skill Points, and successfully farm up to 120 mln ISK/h in our C3 .

Feel free to ask any questions in Eclipse Home or contact directly Pommy Hilanen or Scowboys in game or in DISCORD

Fly safe!

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