New player LF WH\Nullsec corp with everyday group activities

Hi everyone, new omega player here. It is my second month of playing and I have already tried almost all possible highsec activities but I find them boring… Although ISK making is quiet easy even in high sec, but I miss ‘group farming’ and small group communication like in old WoW or L2 so I want to find a corp where I could be involved in any kind of group with daily farming, pvp, etc. In other words to build a bond with people and ‘cover each other’s back’ like in oldschool MMOrpgs.

I am ready to play any role needed - logistics, mining, salvaging, etc. I don’t mind at all.

Language: English, Russian.

Timezone - EU preferred.

Hey there,
Well if you want to join a null corp u can always come and say hi to us from astrum diligentiz.
We reside in deklein/pure blind which is in the north… The north remembers… :joy:
U can come and say hi here ZUUL
We are almost all EU tz so u wont be bored :wink:

Hi Alister,

We’re a low sec corps that is currently looking for players just like you. We have a mix of new and old players, with a good atmosphere for a good time.

Nothing to lose come hang out in Discord and check us out.


Social infrastructure, New player training corp for PVP/PVE based out of low security space. Fun player community where the real world comes first

Привет! Инжектед майндс проживает в вх пятого класса и активно набирает пилотов. Если тебе не чуждо пвп и есть желание погрузиться в неповторимую атмосферу неизведанных - милости просим

Hi Alister_Bibas,

Masters of Coin is a newbie-friendly corporation focused on industry, mining, and PVE.
We belong to the alliance WE FORM BL0B. BL0B is the sister alliance to WE FORM V0LTA, one of the most feared PVP alliances in all of New Eden.

When you join our team you will have access to 34 null-sec star systems to mine, explore, rat, and fight to your heart’s content. We’re primarily based in the region of Deklein. By using our jump bridges, you’ll be a stone’s throw from Jita, the main trade hub.

We have regular moon mining operations, some of the best ratting space in the game, and alliance pvp fleets run by veteren fleet commanders. As part of our team, you can make boatloads of isk out in null.

Most importantly, we have many people online at all hours. Experienced pilots who can answer any questions you have, and help you grow in this game. We have an active discord filled with resources, where we share in-game knowledge and hang out.

If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

Alternatively, here is your personal invite to our Discord where we would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Fly safe o7

Warm Regards,
Endapuper Minmatar

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