New guy looking for group

hello, rookie channel said I could find here a group to play with :slight_smile:

Im new player still in alpha, but once my exams are over I defo will pgrade to omega full account. doing missions in Alagkur system . open to do mission in group or give a pvp a try

thank :smiley:

Edit: thanks all I got invited into alpha starter group

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Greetings, we are a hisec relaxed corp aimed to help new players into PVE in general. Send me in-game mail if you interested.

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We have players from all walks of life new and old, alpha and omega we likely have a spot for you
Join VJMOK Public to see if we may be right for you.

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We might be a good fit. We are a Low class wormhole corp that specializes in bringing new players, returning players, or groups that would never join wormhole space on their own, to wormhole space.

Sub Inc. Come see what undocking can do for you

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Hey Starboy. If you are looking for a mix of pvp and over, but want an environment where you can feel like you are learning by doing, without anybody judging mistakes, our Corp Sub Par. Might be right up your alley. We go out for pvp into lowsec daily, keeping it cheap for our members as much as possible, but live in highsec so our members can safely engage in any pve or mining they want. Contact us in game if you are interested

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You may be interested in flying with us…

We are a mature, international corp living in NPC nullsec. We engage in industrial, PVP and PVE content and have strong out of game support systems

If you’re interested you can find full information and details on how to apply on our main thread:

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