New Player looking for active PvP Corp


I am a relative new EVE player read alot of things here on the forum and couldn’t wait to start PVPing.
I bought PLEX and injected 13.000.000 SP.

Right now I am able to fly some Minmatar T2 ships.
There is a possibility to inject more SP if I need to train a ship you prefer.

I am trying to find a friendly corp and the only thing I want is to start PvPing I’ve got my own ISK I do not need anything. Maybe just some advice now and then.

*My friend did the same thing so it would be two of us.



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Hi Mufke, check out Krypted Lite.

You can start here if you’re interested in learning, and then move on to our main corporation!

Thank you will dive into it tomorrow!

Duty calls!

Try Titan Sigularity Growing Corp, Fun , Knowledgable and daily pvp. Titan Singularity WH PVP Looking for Pilots US TZ

Dude, im gonna be honest here, do you want to learn how to be better at pvp or just press f1 in a huge fleet? not many groups will actually help you with fits, strategy and tactics; but we will.
If your after the latter (f1 big fleet stuff) we defo arent for you.

Hello @Mufke,

We are a super diverse Wormhole Training Corp/Alliance. If you get a chance, check out what and who we are for bettering everyone’s EVE content. You are in a great position after your injection of skills in game to apply those to better your content with experts at content management. Take the time in choosing your next gaming pathway, you are at a critical juncture in the game we hate to love.

Hope to see ya in space,

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Hi Mufke:

If you and your friend are interested in giving lowsec PVP a try please take a look at Filthy Peasants:

We live in Lowsec Solitude and have been in a long standing war with our various neighbors. We have lots of content in our area and there is always more fights to be had with a quick roam through Syndicate. We fly a mix of everything and aren’t strict on ship types so you can fly whatever you’d like. We’re also mostly active in the US TZ (22:00-06:00 EVE time range).

If you’re interested convo Arctanis in game or join our public channel Open Filth.

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