New player looking for mining corp

hi im still sort ov new to game i like doing the Industry side ov the game but also like runing missions im looking for a corp that is active and will be able to help me progress further into the game. Also i would prefer to stay in high-sec space and have EU-time zone

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Howdy! We have all TZ available with members all over the world. :slight_smile: We are Null Sec but can show you how to watch for incoming enemies with visual tracking programs and an amazing group of people that create our digital family. We love to help each other learn and get better in all the things that we do together. So if you are ever interested in checking out the sweet rewards that are Null Sec, hit us up… you are always welcome to go back to HS if you are not happy in Null. We have players that cruise HS once in a while and are happy to help guide you and answer questions at any time no matter what area you live in. :slight_smile:

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Hey Nexus

We’re a High Sec Industry corp, with a good EU / US East TZ split.

We’re recruiting players new and old, and for the newer guys have plenty in place to help you along, such as

  • Ships
  • Equipment
  • Skills
  • Advice
  • Buy Back
  • Mining Boosts

More info can be found by having a quick read of this

and if you’re interested or want more info, have a look here

Private Chat / Mail: Type Blue
In Game Chat: Hive Industries Inc
Discord: HIVE Industries Inc

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