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So I am relatively new to the game, but love what I am seeing so far and want to experience more of it. I am looking for a corp that can help guide me in the right direction of things and that I can help contribute to as time passes along. I eventually want to subscribe my account so I can fly some of the other ships and stuff. Can anyone direct me in a good corp to join?


For some clarification I have run some of the beginning career agents and missions and think I would enjoy killing NPCs compared to mining as my form of income. I have tried a bit of mining where I currently am, and while easy, the income is kind of low.

I definitely am interested in learning how to PVP, although given my small skills, not sure how helpful I could be just yet. But I got time and interest in learning!

I have had a few people recommend a couple of skill plans, so am working on getting towards those fits/ships they recommended to help start me out better.

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I would recommend joining Pandemic Horde. Great group that has a ton of resources to learn from and a bunch of active members.

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Thanks for the replies and mails so far. I appreciate the responses and will look into each and everyone before coming to a decision on who to join up.

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Still looking for a corp, been getting a lot of good information and learning what I can from those I have spoken with. Went ahead and bought Omega status today, bring on those quicker SP to make me useful

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Howdy! Take a peek here, we offer a different environment for learning in null sec. We encourage questions, communication and work to help you get into the content you are looking for the best that we can. Our digital family welcomes you where our first core value is real Life first, always. Looking forward to chatting with you.


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