42m SP player looking for casual null corp[found one]

(Karl Poljus) #1

What i’m looking for:
Ways to earn some isk, mainly by PVE and exploration.
Small to mid scale pvp.
Friendly and chill corpmates.
12:00-20:00 timezone.
What i’m not looking for:
Mandatory big scale pvp.
Praying to killboard and avoiding losses at all costs.
Most of my skillpoints are is in frigs, have very little experience in PVP.

(shivan) #2


MASS are currently looking for some new pilots. We are a medium sized corp and part of MC, so we get involved with everything from large scale PvP, (currently helping Horde defend their KS) to running small roaming squads in enemy space.

MASS is also one of the oldest corps in the game and a living piece of EvE history. If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to chat you.


(BearThatCares) #3

Look no further.

(Michelangelo Turtle) #4

Skip all you´ve read before.

Join “The Baked Crow Bandits”

Just poke me ingame, my timezone is the same as yours.

Fly save!

(CaseyLP) #5


Aideron Robotics is always recruitment. We are a larger sized corp and a part of Federation Uprising, so we get involved with everything from small gang PVP to large scale PVP, such as the recent battles in 9-4RP2, (currently helping Goons destroy Horde’s Keepstar).

Federation Uprising is a relatively new corp made up of older corporations from the Gallente militia. If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask any questions you may have and I’d love to answer all your questions. You can also follow our recruitment link here: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/galmil-fedup-aideron-robotics-a-nullsec-lowsec-faction-warfare-pvp-corporation/51365

CaseyLP, Human Resources Director

(Jonny Darkoo) #6

(Starbud Paul) #7

Hi Karl think i have the ideal corp for you try Shadow Incursion

(princess abbie) #8

Hey man if you are still looking maybe have a read of our forum post and drop me a message if you are interested for a chat :smiley:
We are a smaller corp based in null with lots of ratting available 24/7 with small gang pvp daily also if you wish to join in.

(system) #9

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