S1NS love us or hate us! Eve online's Original Marmite Corp!

Shadow Incursion has been around for 9 years+ ,An older corporation, with a lot of history! Starting from our humble beginnings in syndicate, to our present day, The only English speaking corporation within “Dragon Empire”!!!

We are predominantly an EU TZ based corporation But do have a US TZ.
Our Ethos is one of a first strike, Gorilla Warfare corporation
Our whole PvP Style is focused on a Mobile! But Hard hitting doctrine with a preference to small & medium sized gangs.
We as corps favour fast & agile ships such as Claws & Cynabals ,
There is also the opportunity to fly with our alliance using heaver ship doctrine’s,

What are we looking for!

We know people have a real life to live" But Get involved were possible
Players who seek PVP!
Ability to fly, Interceptor’s / Cynabal’s /Strategic Cruisers /Black ops/ Capitals Voice coms " We are a community, The Game doesn’t matter" !

The Benefits of joining?

High skilled experienced wingmen.
Part of a unique corps
Daily Fleets
Access to 0.0 For isk Making
Ships on Contract
Alliance CTA FC Speak English

Join “SINS ARE AWESOME” In a game to get a feel for us.

Still looking for people :slight_smile:

Looking for more people…

Looking for another 4 members EU TZ

Still looking

Still looking


Good corp for those who are looking to freely pvp.
Im looking for more noobs to fly in fleets with me XD


Bump :slight_smile:

willing to join haven’t played in a while…can fly garmurs and 7 hours to cynabal

Come join us for fun

  • sorry my bad 1 every 24h sorry ccp! "our logs show nothing we wish you speedy recovery "

Few new bros have joined us. Still recruiting. :slight_smile:


Still looking for guys

Having lots fun, still looking members

Bump still recruiting pvp’rs

:slight_smile: come join us in the pub chat !!

Merry Christmas All ,from Shadow incursion come join us

Recovered yet ? come join the fun