S1NS love us or hate us! Eve online's Original Marmite Corp!


Shadow Incursion has been around for 8 years +. We have fought many fights won and lost!! We are an older corporation, with a lot of history! Starting from our humble beginnings in syndicate, to our present day, a corporation within Dream Fleet !!!

We are predominantly an EU TZ based corporation But do have a Growing US TZ.
We are a first strike corporation that utilizes low numbers tactics when possible or F1 time when needed
Our PvP Style is focused on a Mobile Hard hitting doctrine with a preference small & medium sized gangs,
Though We favor fast & agile ships such as Garmurs, Claws & Cynabals “You get the drift”… There is also the opportunity to fly with our alliance, doing Sov work/Alliance Stuff (Captial fight etc)
If you enjoy burning Stuffz to the ground, watching the tears flow!, enjoy Salt collecting! Then we are the right corporation for you.

What are we looking for!

We know people have a real life to live" But Get involved were possible
Players who seek PVP " Pew"
Ability to fly, Garmurs / Claws / Cynabals /ravens/Black ops
Voice coms " We are a community"

The Benefits of joining?

High skilled experienced wingmen.
PEWPEW “Burn It” Daily fleets
Curse Region & Cache
Sov or Agent 4
Ships on Contract
Alliance CTA FC Speak English
Alliance SRP up to titan’s

Join “SINS ARE AWESOME” Ingame to get a feel for us.

200+m SP player looking for corp
Returning player, 80+m sp, looking for
105+M sp pilot looking for null sec corp
186mill and two 76+mill toons, where is a sturdy null corp
New player looking for a corp
Returning player looking for null corp (32mil SP)
Returning Player (114M SP) Looking for Nullsec Corp
42m SP player looking for casual null corp[found one]
115+mil sp player looking to return
100m & 32m PVP Pilot looking for nullcorp
Looking for an null NPC base corp EU
Skilled Returning Player Looking For New Home (PVP or Anything)
Looking for a [Sov Null} Corporation - 100+sp's
82m USTZ Pilot looking for a corp

Still looking for people :slight_smile:


Looking for more people…


Looking for another 4 members EU TZ


Still looking


Still looking

(riki110) #7


Good corp for those who are looking to freely pvp.
Im looking for more noobs to fly in fleets with me XD



(D3m0n sam) #9

Bump :slight_smile:

100 mil account with alts looking for a good fit - EU
(skittles Enaka) #10

willing to join haven’t played in a while…can fly garmurs and 7 hours to cynabal

(Starbud Paul) #11

Come join us for fun

(Starbud Paul) #12
  • sorry my bad 1 every 24h sorry ccp! "our logs show nothing we wish you speedy recovery "

(D3m0n sam) #13

Few new bros have joined us. Still recruiting. :slight_smile:

(chaos lifebane) #14


(D3m0n sam) #15

Still looking for guys

(GODWIN) #16

Having lots fun, still looking members

(Starbud Paul) #17

Bump still recruiting pvp’rs

(Starbud Paul) #18

:slight_smile: come join us in the pub chat !!

(Starbud Paul) #19

Merry Christmas All ,from Shadow incursion come join us

(Starbud Paul) #20

Recovered yet ? come join the fun