New PP window

Looking good so far I like it, just have some feedback.
Please add an option to change the order of the planets in the new Planetary Production window. Its a basic feature, hope it gets added soon, thank you. And maybe also add an Access Customs Office button next to the View and Warp To buttons, it would reduce the necessary number of clicks. Dont know if this is where i should be posting this but ye…

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PP. :roll_eyes:

I believe that this belongs to the respective patch thread …
… which you can find here:

Thank you I have done so. This thread can be removed now.

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For this to happen, you must summon one of the mighty space wizards!

Can’t find the list quickly to summon them all … : - )
… so I will summon my second favourite ever …
@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode !

Oh mighty wizard, please grant this human’s wish!

We are mere mortals, in our hands only swords to cut flesh …
… but you, mighty wizard, control the feathers writing history!

In addition to being able to organize the planets order…
I would like to see the COMPACT option to the new PP window…
or just have a button to show the old Window…
I like it small so I can easily fit it on my screen while cycling through my PI…

Is TOOO BIG… and you CANT make it smaller than 3 planets high…
the … information is… nice… but there HAS to be a compact button to get rid of this clutter… once my planets are set up I don’t care about this nonsense.

A PeePee window.



This is not the thread where this belongs.

There is an official feedback thread.

ISD Dorrim ignores me. :frowning:

Sorry, sorry, missed the notice, thread closed via polite request.

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