New PVP Corp Coming to Nullsec

A new exclusive corporation is being built to meet the demands of our alliance. Introducing Raven Wing. - where our members can focus on the pew factor.

We are home defense and regional security. Minimal CTAs - but they are still a thing. We are among the elite in our region. That shows on who we choose to fly with us as well.

Remember, this is a new corp designed to fill a special need in our nullsec area. That said, we offer prime crabbing areas as well. We are looking for members who understand nullsec way of live. A full and complete intel check will be performed upon your application.

To Join:

  1. Apply in-game to “Raven Wing.” that’s R-a-v-e-n W-i-n-g dot.
  2. Register on our SeAT Server :
  3. Join Discord :
  4. Stage your gear for jf to nullsec in Odebeinn: Sisters of Eve Academy

Every in-game application must be linked to our SeAT server. Every toon you fly must be registered. This is our security platform and a requirement before joining.

We will speak to you on discord prior to accepting you into the corp, a full and complete intel check is mandatory. This may include speaking to past CEOs and corp mates. This is due to the nature of our operations. There is no exception to this process. It can take upward to a week from application to join date. Use this time wisely to stage your gear and prepare, once your in corp, Jita becomes a warzone.

This is a brand new corp - designed from the ground up to fill a need, so lets get the ball rolling. Come fly with the best with a mission unlike the rest. :slight_smile:

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