New Toy Idea: Directional Forcefield turret. High Slot

Not a new idea really ( as it first showed up in an old Macross episode ), but…

Obviously we have the Armor Hardeners etc, but…

Why not a turret that, when activated, uses ‘Shockwaves’ ( or summat like that ) to reduce incoming DPS a bit?

In Star Wars they say ‘shift deflectors to forward/aft’. Is there an EVE version? Should there be?

A 360deg Deflection Field Turret, reducing incoming damage by a certain amount, could be fun for FC Bunker ships that are needed in the bigger fleets ( to help avoid the dreaded ‘head-shot’ ).

Been thinking about this one for a while. It’s just an idea :slight_smile:

AOE-objects like this are something that CCP doesn’t like using due to their performance-cost as the calculations required for this are much more difficult than for a single-target module.

Every shot against the target with this shield has to do a position check.

I’d just stick with just normal hardeners. Simple, less laggy.

Your ship doesn’t have a “front” in Eve. The client generates a “front” but as far as the server is concerned your ship is a sphere with a velocity.

Also calculating anything directional or AOE related makes the server sweat and is generally to be avoided unless either the mechanic is particularly compelling (Bombers) and there’s no other way to do something similar.

What you’re asking for here is neither particularly compelling nor is there no other way of achieving something similar. In fact the basic gameplay here would be better run through scriptable hardeners since swapping scripts is easy but changing the ‘facing’ of a ship in Eve in any meaningful way is a pain in the behind most of the time.

It may do. You can mjd (and now bomb i think) from standstill.

The bomb or MJD just ends up going in the default 0,0,0 angle direction that all stargates used to point in and your ship still faces after a gate jump. That’s basically what you get if you, in code, if you ask for the default vector. Angles on all three axis of 0 and a 0 velocity.

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