Newbie Capsuleer looking for the Eve Experience [EU/Casual]

Hey there, iā€™m Phox - a pretty much new-to-the-game casual EU TZ Capsuleer (SP: 680.000) interested in finding a community to learn from and have fun with!
Being an Amarr Pilot currently home-based in Amarr VIII, iā€™m halfway trough the SOE Arc and would like to set foot onto the real Eve Experience regarding group activities in both pve and pvp. My experiences are quiete little though, since i only did Mission running and a few WH / Exploration stuff (where i got 1-shot pretty quickly :slight_smile: ).
Nevertheless, Iā€™d be happy to find a friendly community to support (with what little i have to offer), hoping to develop my piloting!

Best Regards!

Yo m8, what about becoming on of the good guys :sunglasses: :policeman:

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