Newbro pve dungeons

-instance based on ship type
-free (no tickets, accessible through the agency)
-reward based on time completed (less time it took, better the reward) but no timer on the instance (i.e. 20 min on abyssal)
-endless rooms, from easy to insane. newbro should be able to accomplish up to ? and get creative with the rest.

that said and set; newbro could rerun the same instances after playing for a few months and see the benefit of improved skills, fits, implants, mods, drugs… as the reward from running said instances increases

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also, leave after the completion of each room.

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Im against instancing in Eve, sorry


Go play WOW. We don’t need another place to grind in perfect safety. And if newbro know what he is doing (can use google) he have many pve options to make dank isk in one day old character.


There are thousands of new player friendly combat sites scattered throughout New Eden. You can find hideaways and drone clusters in practically any system. As skills improve move up to a Burrow, Refuge or Den.

They aren’t instanced and shouldn’t be - Eve is about competition and cooperation between players - all content should (potentially) be interactive. That said, it’s highly unlikely anyone will be competing for the lower level sites except other new players.



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This is called a tier 1 abyss site. You can run it in a frigate with 2 other new players or in a cruiser, which takes minimal time to skill. The price is basically free and the content is very rewarding in not only isk earned as a new player, but knowledge gained from fighting modern AI ships.


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