"Newbro" with a 14yr old account. Looking for a fairly neutral corp

I created my Account 14yrs ago, back in the subscription days… cuz i needed a break from WoW. At that time, the game was too much for me to take in. I’ve come back, looking for an easygoing group of people to enjoy the game with, as I actually put what little free-time i have into learning the game for real this time.

I don’t want to play with immature or kids, but want to remain fairly neutral unless i’m provoked. I’m interested in some PvP, mostly PvE at the moment, and working the market. I am enjoying taking in ALL the aspects of the game so far.

I tend to be a solitary individual, but live life (and play my games) “chaotic neutral”. I’m starting to realize while I could continue to play the game solo, that I’d like to find some friends to enjoy the game with. I’ve gotten through almost all the initial “career agent” missions, and have set out exploring a bit on my own now.

I guess I’m not in a huge hurry to find “any” corp, and would rather make sure I find a good fit for myself.

feel free to message me in game, and I’ll also try to remember to check back on this post for the next while.

See you in space!

O7. Social infrastructure has a great mature community. The corp is in the Stay feral alliance that is made up of small independent corps. We are based out of low sec, and like to pvp, and run pve to pay for the pvp. Check out the alliance discord to feel things if you’re interested. Stay Feral.

And the real world comes first play when you want. Our low sec of space is fairly quiet, and there’s a lot of stuff you can do on your own.

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